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Internship | Microsoft Research Asia
June'20, 2023 - Present

Research topics: Distributed system, Large Language Models (LLMs) serving system.
Work with Zhenhua Han and Yuqing Yang.

Internship | Catalyst, Carnegie Mellon University
July'22, 2022 - June'23, 2023

Research topics: Deep learning compilers, Graph-level IR for deep learning (Relax IR), Deployment of Large Language Models (mlc-llm).
Work with Tianqi Chen.

B.S. in Computer Science | Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Sep'1, 2020 - Present

Member of ACM Class, Zhiyuan College. Got a distinguished GPA (94/100, Rank 1/36) during my B.S.


At Shanghai Jiao Tong University:

Talks & Writing

I enjoy learning new things by taking notes. Here are some articles in my Blog: And the following are some materials of my talks & teaching.

Honors and Awards


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